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IIS Integrated Solution During COVID-19 Pandemic

During these trying times of COVID-19 virus spread around the globe,

we understand your needs to stay healthy, stay safe, and stay on track with your business.

IIS offers a complete solution for your business, whether you have customers coming over or staff working, that you want to keep safe.

Complete Solution Scenario

To maximize the safety, stick to World Health Organization regulations, minimize people interactions, and provide cost-efficient solution, IIS provides solutions that include:

    • Distance Management
    • Temperature Measurement
    • People Count
    • Time and Attendance
    • Access Control
    • Public Announcement

Our Solution

The cameras at the entrance operate for distance management between the visitors, at the same time, thermal cameras operate to measure visitors’ temperatures before entering the company.

 If one’s temperature is normal, an “Entry Allowed” notification is triggered, and the gate opens.

If it is above normal, an “Entry Not Allowed” alarm is triggered, notifying the admin to dismiss the visitor and maintain safe distance from other visitors.

The same process goes for the staff checking in for work through the main access control, face recognition and time and attendance systems to provide a hands-free and more hygienic way of access.

All of this works along with our people counting system which works on monitoring the total number of workers and visitors after they’ve been allowed in.

To complete the solution, we integrate a public announcement system, to issue both scheduled and live announcements, as well as provide ambiance in one or multiple zones in your business premises.

The admin in the command room monitoring the entire process provides essential aid to the management and decision-makers in order to keep records, maximize safety, minimize system errors, and follow the health and state regulations.

IIS’s years of expertise in healthcare facility’s security has led us to provide you and your business with secure, flexible and state-of-the-art solutions to meet the challenging needs during the world’s COVID-19 pandemic.





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