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NEC Face Recognition NeoFace Watch

Our Solution

Ideal information partners with Nippon Electric Company (NEC) to provide you with the state-of-the-art facial recognition technology.  

Face Recognition Technology 

A facial recognition system is a technology capable of identifying or verifying a person from a digital image or a video frame from a video source. The superior strength of NEC’s face recognition technology lies in its outstanding tolerance of poor quality and conditions. 

Face recognition can often prove one of the best biometrics because images can be taken without touching or interacting with the individual. With the ability to process and analyze multiple camera feeds and thousands of faces per minute, NEC’s powerful face recognition is able to police the largest and most difficult security challenges with unparalleled efficiency, sensitivity, and perception. 

World-best Speed and Accuracy (NIST) 

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the United States has declared NEC face recognition technology as the most accurate in situations of varying levels of difficulties that reflect real life scenarios, with the fastest matching capability that is the most resistant to variants in angle and age. 

NEC’s technology can match a subject’s face from images with resolutions as low as 24 pixels, even if the subject is on the move, or the face partially concealed by hats, scarves or glasses, or head angle. It also facilitates video surveillance in crowded, poorly lit areas at unmatched speed and volume in real time. 

NEC’s face recognition technology does this by using long-tested algorithms that convert two-dimensional images into three-dimensional head images, which are then rotated in all directions and scrutinized using different vantage points, lighting situations, facial expressions and changes to help guarantee over 99% face-recognition accuracy in real-world situations. 

NeoFace Watch 

NeoFace Watch is a high performance, highly scalable face recognition software application, providing the most accurate and fastest results for the most demanding real-time or post-event face recognition use cases: large volumes of data throughput, large numbers of users, large numbers of devices, large scale deployments. 

NeoFace Watch helps reduce the risk of security threats by integrating face matching technology with video analytics input, delivering: 

  • High performance matching capability with multiple camera feeds 

  • Real-time alerts to be acted upon as necessary 

  • Ability to process live and archived video images 

NeoFace Watch Features 

  • High Performance 

  • Easy to Implement 

  • Easy to Integrate 

  • Scalable 

  • Flexible 

Integration Areas 

  • Police departments 

  • Immigration control agencies 

  • National IDs 

  • Banking 

  • Entertainment  

  • Stadiums 

  • Conference venue systems 

  • Mega events 

  • Hospitality  

For more information download NeoFace Watch brochure 

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