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Who we are

Ideal Information Company is a featured company in the physical security systems field since 2006. 

We provide our customers with numerous security services in various sectors in major Kuwaiti sectors. 

Ideal is always customer-oriented and committed to delivering exceptional solutions to our clients.

Ideal has invested a lot in developing our engineering and support system. A wide range of resources and expertise have been made available to ensure all issues and technical problems can be attended and solved within the shortest time possible.

Our highly skilled R&D department leads to work with latest technology and innovative products.

We have the highest level of customer satisfaction in both local and regional markets.

Our Vision

We aspire to continuously grow as a leading company in our business markets, and always be present in the international markets. 

We aim to provide

• Top quality services

•  Personal and professional development opportunities for our employees

• Achieving a positive contribution to our society. 

Our Mission

We are here to provide our customers with the highest quality services in information security.

A solution is never complete without after-sales support. It is crucial to provide enough support for ensuring the solution provided is always at its peak operational condition. Our experienced and well-trained personnel will always strive to give their best services. With a good relationship with our principles and partners, our customers can be assured that problems will be rectified and systems will be maintained to the highest level.

We do that by bringing our knowledge and experience together for the benefits of our customers.  

Our Goal

It has been an exciting time to be involved with the security sector .

We are looking forward to the upcoming years and being able to provide a systems integration and products to meet the demands of the future.

We aspire to provide the most flexible, risk-free delivery solutions, and the highest quality maintenance and support. As well as to meet the highest security requirements of our customers, and eventually be the market leaders of our field.

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