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Ideal Time 2

Ideal Time 2

Track employee time, attendance, and activity while gathering data to enforce work , and manage exceptions for ongoing compliance and cost control .


Explore our Time and Attendance solutions :

- Track, manage, and control employee time and attendance more efficiently with an advanced automated solution that helps you optimize your workforce.

- Capture accurate employee data:

Our solutions will automatically collect data from Suprema Devices and other fingerprint devices.

- Automate processes and provide efficient management:

IdealTime 2 completely automates and simplifies timekeeping, leave management, support all leaves, Permission types , and labor management processes.

- Reporting and Advanced Reporting Datasheet

Our software time tracking, attendance, and labor management solution for Kuwait State labor law, provides a comprehensive set of standard reports.

We also offer advanced Reporting services which extends the standard reporting capabilities to deliver a richer reporting experience through enhanced interactivity, and expanded export formats.

Features :

Shifts Roster

Create and manage multiple shifts and rosters. Includes 24 hour shifts, flexible shift, staggered rosters, split shift, and midnight cross-over shifts, all with user defined grace periods and overtime .

Holiday Calendar

Create and manage day types such as public holidays and company holidays.

Out Of Office Entries/Approvals

The out-of-office feature permits employees to manage their out-of-office activities via the application such that their attendance is not compromised during the periods that they are out on official duty.

Employee Records

Create and manage employee records into a database, and manage employee resignations and terminations.

Hierarchy Charts

Create and manage departments and sub-departments up to 5 levels

Document management

All documents can be uploaded and maintained centrally, omitting the need to maintain paper files for your staff.

Overtime management

A comprehensive feature of the application that will permit you to view overtime details for each employee, both pre and during their shifts.

Leave Management

Including leave details, all types of leaves, set of reports, summary and statics .

Integration with other software

Streaming Data to other ERP system with efficiency and reliability.

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