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People Counting Systems

Measuring pedestrian traffic is important for the planning and management of public transportation, shops, malls, cities, regions, and natural areas. 

IIS has solutions for a range of counters that provide accurate data in a variety of environments.  

IIS has a solution for you, Contact a our team about your counting project. 

Parks and Gardens

Know what the insights are on trail usage with battery-operated counters designed specifically for outside areas. 

Our devices are robust, waterproof, and completely invisible.  

Data is automatically uploaded by using cellular networks 

Monitor City Foot Traffic at key locations and log the direction of travel.  

Counters are manufactured according to vandalism-resistant standards. 

Our Devices count in parks and gardens. A range of housing options for pedestrian monitoring counters are available to integrate into your park seamlessly. 

Passenger Bus
Retail Chain
Shopping Mall

Bus Video Passenger Counter is a dedicated system to collect and analyze passengers flowing on or off the bus, it adopts the best video binocular cameras to count people with high accuracy. 

-Central management provides deep insights on the footfall patterns and visitors’ behavior across all your stores. 

-Customer count and conversion rate. 

-Customer Profiling for Each Store 

-Multiple stores comparison enable C-level executive to have a macro view of stores performance 

-Measuring marketing effectiveness 

-Define the best shopper-to-staff ratio and align the staff number to the number of visitors. 

-Understand your customer and gain deeper insight on traffic flow, visit duration, and returning customers in malls. 

-Zone analytics to identify hotspot zones in malls 

-Reports for shopping mall central management team

Measure How Many People Are In your Building For COVID – 19 Compliance

People Count Occupancy Counting Solution 

our solution Can Help You Comply With Occupancy Limits 

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, many Governments around the world are putting restrictions and limits on the number of people that can gather in one place, such as supermarkets, shops, pharmacies or public facilities. 

With us ,you can measure how many people are in your building for COVID-19 compliance. 

These measures are designed to keep everyone safe and ensure people have enough room to distance themselves from other people nearby. 

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