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Suprema Contactless Solution

Our Solution

During the COVID-19 global pandemic, Ideal Information’s partner Suprema is providing high-tech solutions for a safer and more healthy daily life. 

Contactless Solution 

Suprema’s contactless solution includes: 

  • Face recognition terminal 

  • Mobile access solution 

  • Thermal camera integration 

Face recognition

Suprema’s facial recognition solution employs FaceStation 2 a smart face recognition terminal, and FaceLite a compact face recognition terminal.  

This provides you with  

  • High speed face matching  

  • Live face detection  

  • Proven security performance  

Mobile Access

Suprema mobile access allows you to use your own smart phone as a key to access doors, facilities, and more. 

By using smartphones as credentials, managing and using an access card becomes easier, faster, and safer. 

Thermal camera integration 

With Suprema’s access control system, you can: 

  • Detect suspected infections through thermal imaging cameras 

  • Support fast, easy and safe verification  

  • And operate directly by adding thermal imaging cameras without major changes in existing systems.  

  • For more information about Suprema’s Contactless Solution please download the PDF

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